The Poorly Toddler

The Poorly Toddler

Pre-baby I had almost idyllic notions of autumnal sick days.  I would snuggle up on the sofa with little bear, we would have a blanket over us, watch films, and drink hot chocolate, we would eat soup, have long naps, and read favourite stories.
Today has not resembled that!!
After being nearly pushed out of bed when he came in for early cuddles we got up and battled calpol…I thought all children loved calpol?  Clearly not mine…he develops the strength of the hulk as soon as the bottle appears!
Then breakfast…I was prepared for him to not want to eat so when he asked for “dip dip eggs” I was so pleased that I dutifully set to work on a breakfast usually reserved for weekends.  Well the egg was met with almost the same disdain as the calpol so after a small battle we settled on cereal, same as every day then, why couldn’t we have started with that?
By the time breakfast was over I could practically see my hair turning grey and daddy had skipped out the door to work.
Next in “day-dreaming mummy” world we would have made camp on the sofa for the morning.  Turns out that Ben and Holly can’t keep him in one place for more than 30 seconds even when he’s poorly…reality is that he wants to carry on like every other day but needs you to be holding his hand throughout the process and a complete breakdown will occur if you so much as think about tidying up the breakfast table.
And so our morning progressed, we played with lots of stickers, walked animals around the lounge and actually had quite a good time despite the fact that blankets and hot chocolate were clearly off the agenda.
Lunch brought similar trauma to breakfast.  Cheese was chopped, beans cooked, toast spread, banana peeled…heaven on a plate for a 17 month old, right? WRONG! I may as well have dished up bugs and worms…perhaps I should have dished up bugs and worms, he would probably have gone for that.
And then nap time, respite for us both from each other for a while!  Through half closed eyes he screamed his head off when shown to his bed demanding “play play p-p-play” and then promptly fell asleep after an awkward back breaking cuddle over the bed guard…phew!
Time for day-dreaming mummy to put her feet up and have a cup of tea…
I’m off to tidy toys, clean up lunch, and go digging for worms – dinner time, I’m ready for you!



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