Wine O’Clock

Wine O’Clock

Poorly toddler in bed, dinner done, toys tidied away…another day is done!
Brownie points to husband today as he came strolling in with giant chocolate buttons and wine gums to accompany the open wine bottle in the fridge that has been calling to me since 3pm!

Dinner was about as successful as lunch…although at least he did eat sone rice only to then reject every scrap of pudding that he had asked for resulting in me and daddy eating a yoghurt, a satsuma, and a pear that we didn’t really want or need. And then the best part of the day…daddy time!

Day-dreaming mummy visualises this as a harmonious time for us all to play together, reality mummy knows it’s really just time to tidy up from dinner and for daddy to catch up on social media whilst half heartedly pushing a car back and forth.  But he bought me chocolate so all is forgiven.

Praying that tomorrow the little bear wakes up well and normal chaos can resume…conclusion from today: sick days suck!

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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