Wall Climbing and Pumpkin Skittles

Wall Climbing and Pumpkin Skittles

So we are now entering day two of “Poorly Toddler” and all my energy has evaporated.  I think even day-dreaming mummy would be struggling today!

By 9.30 my wall climbing skills were already finely tuned and I was actually debating being the mother that took an ill child to a group and infected half the local postcode.  But I saw sense.  The childcarer in me remembered the horror of ill children in a group situation so I dragged myself back to the sofa and read “The Odd Egg” on repeat for the next 10 minutes instead.

Day-dreaming mummy had plans of scooping out the pumpkin today, exploring the texture, counting seeds…however, because we are still incredibly attached to the pumpkin I fear it would start a war if I tried to cut it up. So instead we’re using the pumpkin as a bowling ball with the skittles being anything in the house that can, but shouldn’t, be knocked over.

After repeating the calpol and lunch battles of yesterday little bear is now asleep…time to preserve my energy for climbing everest this afternoon!

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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