FACT: Leaving a poorly baby sucks

FACT: Leaving a poorly baby sucks

So it seems that day-dreaming mummy and reality concur on at least one point…leaving the little bear when he’s so poorly really does suck.

I’m on my way to work to look after another toddler when all I want to do is look after my own.  After a relatively good morning with no need for calpol I was optimistic that our luck was changing and the health fairy had paid us a visit (too much Ben and Holly, sorry). After a trip to the garden centre to see rabbits that had moved on we got home and the temperature returned.

I have had to leave him half asleep/half sobbing with my mum.  Now, I don’t doubt that he will be fine with her…but she isn’t me, they don’t know each other the same way. As I walked out my front door a tear threatened to spill and now I find myself feeling horribly guilty that I have left him.

Come home soon daddy!

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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