Adult interaction and looking ridiculous

Adult interaction and looking ridiculous

This morning we made it out of the house…hooray!! Even little bear was getting cabin fever, he had taken to walking round the lounge in circles saying and signing “home” repeatedly whilst I was near enough sitting in the corner, rocking, and saying “home…still”.

Every Friday we make our way to our Sing and Sign class with friends, and it really is one of our weekly highlights.  Little bear has learnt so much from the classes and I believe they have really helped him to express himself from an early age.  The added bonus is that by going with friends I get to have a bit of adult chat as well!

Each week the class follows a similar pattern – a welcome song, a bag of toys, a toy cat, instruments, another bag, and a goodbye song.  We’ve been going since he was 4 months old so he knows the routine and anticipates what will happen next.  His current favourite is walking around the room just as he has been asked to “stop” doing that very thing.  With toddlers running wild and adults walking and stopping on command, it’s a fairly ridiculous sight!

Let’s be honest, a lot of what we do for our children makes us look fairly ridiculous.  Another song today had us all pretending to be lions, dogs, and chickens whilst the children mainly just looked on as if we were mad – they have a point.

I always knew that Sing and Sign would be something I would do having seen the benefits of it in children I have worked with.  Day-dreaming mummy had visions of an angelic child sweetly signing all his wants and needs while I dutifully attended to him.  In reality, he knows quite a few signs but is more likely to just use the words.  He has a fantastic vocabulary and I believe Sing and Sign has really helped with that, it made me use words and signs when we were out and about which clearly engaged him, and instead of copying signs, he’s opted for words…well done little bear!

The Day Dreaming Mummy


3 thoughts on “Adult interaction and looking ridiculous

      1. I’ve taken a few years of it, so I’d love for my son to learn it. He seems to be making up his own though. He folds his hands when he wants to nurse, I don’t know where he got that! I need to see if I can find a class near us, I hear 6 months is the time to socialize with other babies.


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