Woodland Walks and Sunday Roasts

Woodland Walks and Sunday Roasts

Hello Monday…there was no need for you to pop up again so quickly.  We’ve had a lovely weekend, with just a few little strops (from me not little bear) and lots of family time.

On Sunday we borrowed the grandparents’ dog and set off for a lovely walk.  The little bear and I were fully equipped with welly boots…daddy not so well equipped in designer trainers.  We had a lovely autumnal walk through the woods, crunching leaves and finding twigs, jumping in puddles, watching squirrels; it was blissful, day-dreaming mummy would have been proud.

Until we reached a stream.

Daddy, the only one who had done the walk before, said we had to wade across and clamber up a bank.  I told him not to be ridiculous and that there had to be another way, “No, I remember doing this”, he assured me. So the dog paddled through then scrambled his way up the muddy bank, then daddy jumped across, landed on his knees, covered in mud but in good spirits.  Meanwhile, I am slipping and sliding all over the place trying to negotiate preventing a landslide and not dropping little bear.  Daddy came to our rescue, we passed little bear across with military precision…then daddy lost his trainer in the mud.  Little bear was crying, the dog was in a tangled mess, and my husband was hopping about covered in mud…and I am still in the middle of the stream feeling extremely thankful for wellies.

Somehow, we carried on in good spirits with me still in complete disbelief at the non-existence of a bri…oh wait, what,s that up ahead?? A bridge across the stream!  Of course there is, and suddenly daddy remembers that.  But who cares?  We had fun, right?!

And then home for a scrummy Sunday roast…which the little bear refused, and which daddy ate whilst watching football.  But was it perfect?  Pretty much 🙂

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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