Halloween Festivities…

Halloween Festivities…

When did it become such a big thing in England?!  I know that over in America it’s a huge event with houses being decorated top to bottom in fantastical kitsch but it seems England is catching onto this trend.

When I was a little girl Halloween was a one day affair, maybe two if it fell on a weekday and was then celebrated at the weekend.  I never went “trick or treating”, or at least I only went once and that was to my grandparents house when I was about 8. A few shops would have decorations, mainly just supermarkets though.  But now, not that many years later, and you can’t escape it!

Today I took little bear to playgroup, same has every Tuesday, but this week it was Halloween themed.  Not wanting him to look left out I put him in a cute spider outfit…he was 1 of 3 who had nade an effort.  I then felt I had to justify why I had dressed him up even though doing such a thing had been encouraged…perhaps I’m just over enthusiastic.

It’s a lovely playgroup with a different theme and different activities every week – spaghetti worms and jelly eyeballs this week! And I have nothing against the theme, but as I walked there I couldn’t help but notice how every shop had decorations…is that necessary? And as for the invites to Halloween parties, Halloween messy play, Halloween discos…anyone would think it was Christmas!!

I think my main problem with it all is that it’s just expected that we are accepting of all this.  Day-dreaming mummy thought she would have a good few years, ideally forever, before little bear asked to go “trick or treating”.  Reality is that come Saturday he will be dressed up as a pumpkin, visiting his cousin, and going “trick or treating”…but only to see people we know, that is my conpromise and I’m sticking with it.

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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