The Curse of the Early Riser

The Curse of the Early Riser

When I was little I was an incredibly early riser much to my parents displeasure, through my teens I continued to rise early, and even a couple of years ago I never saw the true beauty of a lie in…and then little bear came along.

He is, on the whole, a very good sleeper.  But never before have I harboured such longing for just an extra half an hour in bed.

When he was poorly he was waking up earlier, having snuggles with us, then going back to sleep for an hour or so and that was fine.  And he was poorly, so we could forgive him.

On Sunday Morning, after the clocks going nack, he woke up at 6.10…so that would have been 7.10, which is an unheard of time for him to wake up! On Monday it was 5.45 – very early but almost acceptable, it’s what we are used to. Tuesday was a bit earlier, we tried putting him back in his bed but eventually just got up.

Today…ten past four! What is that?!?! He wouldn’t go back to sleep until nearly 5 o’clock. Is this my punishment for doing the same to my parents all those years ago??

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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