Mother/Accomplished Artist

Mother/Accomplished Artist

Today I have started to create story stones for the little bear.  These are basically just little glass stones with pictures drawn on them which we can then use for recognition, colour identification, and creating stories once he is a little bit older.

I have seen these on various groups so thought, as a dutiful mother, I should give them a go.  My artistic talents aren’t great but I’m quite pleased with my efforts so far…although I have only done five, one of which is a sun so yes, it’s a circle, I drew a circle and hhen coloured it in…hmmm, starting to be less impressed with myself.

I have another 25 to go, I have a few ideas but think I will start to struggle past 15.  Especially if I want little bear to recognise what they are.

Day-dreaming mummy thought it would be a wonderfully theraputic task to complete during nap time…reality, I just don’t know how to stop all my animals looking like dogs!

5 down...25 to go!

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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