Photo Albums

Photo Albums

A word of advice, never buy a new parent a photo album.

One of two things will happen if you do.  One, it will get put in the back of a cupboard and forgotten about until the next car boot/raffle/clear out because, who has time for photo albums these days? Or two…the new parent with hours of newborn naps will keep a beautiful story of photos following those precious firsts and the less precious second, thirds, and fourths because, let’s face it, little babies don’t do a great deal so there is a lot of photo repetition.

But option 2 sounds ok, right? WRONG!!! That mother will then feel the need to fill that album even when the naptimes are reduced and the housework has increased.  She will then reach the end of the album either with photos to spare or at a random age…say, 8 months.  So they buy another album and add more photos.  At this point they will silently start to curse you for making them start this photo album obsession in the first place.

And then a month passes.

And another.

And another…

And another…

And all of a sudden, you have 6 months worth of photos to sort through, put in chronological order, attach photo mounts to, and position in an album.

Guess what I’m doing this evening?!

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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