For once, this is a non-mummy post…although half of my shopping was for the little bear!

I went to Ikea with my mother-in-law yesterday with the intention of buying flannels for little bear, cupboard liner, and food bags.  I came home with so so so much more!!!

We walked in and they had children’s Christmas wrap just waiting to be picked up, so I obliged…2 rolls? Maybe 3, just in case.  And then the kitchen section – napkins, saucepans, storage containers…starting to wish I had a trolley at this point.  Ooooh, what’s over there?  A carrier bag dispenser? Only £1.50!  Must have one of them, the cupboard is full of them so it’s a good purchase…

On we went, through the children’s section…flannels, bibs, ooooh new toys!!! No, don’t need them…oh okay, just the till, he’ll love the buttons.

Ooooh, magnets! Forgot I needed them…

Food bags, brilliant…a box of each size please…

The Christmas shop!  Hooray! Lets get some lights, and ribbon, and string, tags, more wrap!!!

By the time we reached the till and had scooped up the obligitary purchase of Daim bars I needed a lie down!  What is it about Ikea that turns everyone into a crazed impulse shopper?!  It’s the only shop I go into and then come out with so much more than I intended to.  But then again, I always use it all so I must have needed it…right?!

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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