Kitchen Delivery and The Potty (not a similtaneous occurance)

Kitchen Delivery and The Potty (not a similtaneous occurance)


That’s quite a few boxes to have stacked in the lounge for a month!!

We ordered a new kitchen a couple of months ago and today was the closest delivery date to when my lovely father can fit it for us which is about a month from today!  It’s going to drive me loopy!!

Little bear however found it terribly exciting! “Man…box…twooooo”, yes darling, two men brought the boxes, I saw them too and yet you still tell me 100 times…cute though, right?

I’m looking forward to it just being cardboard left.  In my day dreaming mummy guise I’m imagining creating a grotto with reindeer and elves…in reality, well, I’ll post a picture of reality next month!

In other news little bear has discovered a fondness for sitting on the potty.  We have had one in thr bathroom since his cousin potty trained in the summer but until now it’s just been a useful step to help him reach the toothpaste.

The last week or so he has been telling us when he is having a poo…delightful! And the last couple of days he has said “poo…potty”, but been as he says it. But he always goes to the potty and wants to sit on it.  Now, I don’t want to dicourage him but we go to Australia in 6 weeks and a toddler who only poos on a potty will not make the flight any easier!!

Day dreaming mummy never imagined potty training to be a simple process but she did have hopes of it at least taking place on terra firma!

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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