This morning the walls were lined with porridge.

My doing, nothing to do with little bear.  I just had one of those moments where it all became too much.

At 5.30 little bear came wandering in, wide awake and chattering away.  I know it’s early but he was happy, I could cope.  What I can’t cope with is how he then uses you as a climbing frame with elbows and knees being brandished everywhere…by 6.15 I had had enough and told daddy I was getting up.  Little bear passed him his pyjamas and daddy said “look’s like I’m getting up too”…

A minute passes…

And another…

And eventually after half an hour littke bear went to find him. ‘I fell asleep”…hmmmm, lucky you! Normally this wouldn’t bother me too much but today I have a stinking cold, a hot head, and generally feel a bit down in the dumps. But anyway, he read stories in bed until breakfast so redeemed himself somewhat…but not fully.

Breakfast today was, you’ve guessed it, porridge. Little bear seemed very excited, pointing and smiling, saying “porride” on repeat…but would he eat it?! Of course not, how dare I drift away from his beloved “snap snap” cereal. So I picked up the bowl and launched it in the sink, quickly followed by the remaining milk in the pan. I then dished up snap snaps and muttered “why do I bother?”

This is unusual behaviour for me, it happens a few times a year at most. And then I feel ridiculous so I don’t talk about it. So then there’s a huge atmosphere. But it’s not my fault…had daddy just got up when he said he was it could have all been avoided!

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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