Soft Play…

Soft Play…

This morning I took little bear to a soft play/bouncy castle/ride on toys carnage session, sorry, I mean a wonderful physical play centre, at a local leisure centre.

As far as these places go, it isn’t that bad to be fair.  Little bear loved the slides and the ride on toys, but was a bit clingy and never strayed too far from my side.  I really would like for him to start being a bit more independent, for himself as well as me!

The thing that really bothers me about these places are the parents who become oblivious to their own child’s action but tut when your 18 month old under steers and bumps into their chair leg.  These are the parents whose children are intentionally crashing cars.  The children who are pushing on the bouncy castle. The children who are throwing soft blocks at me. The children who, quite frankly, are too old to be there.

Yes, I agree, it’s wonderful for them to be independent and explore and have fun in a safe environment…but that doesn’t mean you can’t just keep an eye out.

Soft play in itself is great (not something I ever imagined saying).  Little bear always has a good time and comes home shattered…but maybe we could do it without the other children and parents? Just a thought.

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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