The Perils of Baths and Drawers

The Perils of Baths and Drawers


It is a truth universally acknowledged that toddlers attract accidents.

A trip over thin air, walking into open doors, falling off things they shouldn’t be on in the first place…you name it, toddlers do it.

Today has been a particularly clumsy day in the life of little bear.  As well as all the usual stumbles and trips we’ve had a couple of clangers.

First up was in the bathroom.  Whilst I have a shower he generally likes to put all of his bath toys in with me, who doesn’t like showering with rainbow coloured dolphins?!  After my shower he decided to put them all away, and I will never discourage his tidy streak!  So he was leaning in and pulling them out quite happily until all the ones in easy reach had been put away.  The gymnastics moves came out for the next bit, hoisting himself up and tipping forward with perfect balance…until the turtle.  The turtle had slipped just out of reach, but he could get it…perhaps.  Hoist, tip, tip…tip…CRASH!  Head first into the bath!  Well, I laughed…it was pretty funny, especially when he sat up, a little bit soggy, but triumphant with the turtle firmly in his hand.  Little bear was not so impressed.  Although there were no tears there was a very firm and embarrassed “out”!

And then the drawer decided to just outright attack him…obviously my fault because lunch wasn’t “ready” (our new favourite word at meal times).  Again, he was trying to be helpful by getting the placemats out (damn his helpfulness) and when I said we had enough he kept pulling and pushing the drawer open and closed.  Injury was inevitable.  My money was on fingers but no, just under the right eye copped the damage.  In the instant it happened I was less than sympathetic believing it to be put on tears in the hope of speeding up lunch but then I caught sight of it…definate bruise when he wakes up from his nap.  But was I sympathetic? Of course not, he was over it by then, what’s the point in reliving it?!

The moral of this story?  You think you want a helpful child…but having one seems to result in excess injuries.  It’s still a risk worth taking!

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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