Guilty Mum Moment

Guilty Mum Moment


I may have mentioned, once or twice, that we are off to Australia for Christmas…thats about 20 hours on a plane and plenty more spent at airports.  Before booking this trip little bear had watched approximately 20 minutes of television and in my head it was staying that way until he was 2.

But 20 hours on a plane?!  With no screen time?!

I had to rethink so I quickly set about finding some no trashy programmes for him to watch – I’m sorry to be one of those mums, but I’m a bit snobby anout children’s tv!  Programmes found, DVDs bought, iPlayer downloaded…but if he’s never seen them then will it be any use? And so started my gentle introduction.

It started with nappy changes, it made them a much better experience for both of us if he had a youtube video of tractors to watch.

It progressed to a 20 minute episode of “Show me, Show me”.  Now we can change a nappy and I can have a tidying blitz before we leave the house

Then we got a new Sing and Sign DVD.  Best see if he likes it…35 minutes of peace.  I use it to blog, tidy, snooze (joke)!

And then I found a lotto game on the iPad.  He loves it and is so good at it.  It names the objects/colours/shapes so it must be helping him learn as well…

…but I feel horribly guilty!!  I never wanted him to watch things this young and even though it isn’t every day, and it will help on the flight, I still feel like I’ve failed in yet another aspect of raising this incredible little bear.

What are your views on screen time?  Please be kind!!

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