Nap time?!

Nap time?!

So we’ve already had “The Curse of the Early Riser”, an ongoing saga, but now there’s also “Nightmare Naps” – showing in cinemas near…me! And here I was thinking Halloween was over.

This week the little bear has been amazing.  He’s been playing with his toys so nicely, he hasn’t even attempted to destroy his train track choosing instead to use it for it’s actual purpose, pushing trains.  He has been making his doll cups of tea, drawn lots of pictures, talked endlessly about colours, eaten loads of food…at groups he has been largely happy and confident, chatting away and showing off his knowledge…

And then there’s nap time!!!!!

He used to lay down in his bed after lunch, have a little murmer, then be asleep within 5 minutes.  We are now exhibiting 4am behaviour.  Crying, getting up, not wanting to be left…vut he’s shattered, he can barely keep his eyes open, and he wants to be in bed, just not alone.

I have been letting him cry then going to put him back every few minutes, calming him down and starting again.  He’s always been such a good sleeper and I’m just scared of getting into bad habits.

Day dreaming mummy foolishly thought that it would never be her child with the sleeping problems, especially not by this age…ah well, perserverance is key and we’ll get through.  Someone pass the anti-aging cream!

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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