Discipline and Rules

Discipline and Rules


I know a lot of people who struggle with disciplining their children, and a few that believe they should but just find it funny when they try.

I can tell little bear off though…no problem.  Maybe it’s because I have seen how not discipling has led to problems later on when rules and boundaries become even more important.  I wouldn’t say we lived under strict rule but little bear is definately being taught what behaviour is acceptable.

The only time I struggle is in public.  But, give him credit, I very rarely need to do this.  It just becomes embarrassing.  You think everyone assumes you have a nightmare child and that your attempts at discipline are too little too late…rather than a diluted version of what plays out in your house several times a day.  I don’t think this about others, I just aim for a sympathetic look and carry on, but I believe it was what everyone else thinks about me.

Today, we went to a friend’s house to play.  Their daughter is a couple of months older than little bear, and another friend with her boy came too who is in the middle in age terms.  They don’t yet play together but are certainly becoming more aware of each other and imitate the play around them.

Anyway, they were being very good and then little bear threw a ball seemingly at my friend.  As I would have done at home I used the “No” sign and in a firm voice told him not to throw the ball, and asked him to give her a kiss.  He dutifully responded and said “roll” to me, indicating he knew what he should do instead.  All fine, quickly resolved…except…

Except…I did this to the background music of muffled laughter from my friends!! Not helpful!

Now I know both of them have said they aren’t confident with the discipline, or feel like they can’t do it…so maybe that’s why.  I just hope it wasn’t because they disagreed with what I did.

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