The Moon is made of Cheese

The Moon is made of Cheese

So it seems that little bear has an incredible memory and capacity for learning…but it’s funny comparing what mummy teaches and what daddy teaches.

I have taught him that when we cross the road we wait for the green man, and he tells me this each time we cross even if there is no man.  I have taught him that the brick bag lives under the sofa once we have emptied it for play…something which he demonstrated at our friend’s the other day.  I have taught him to say “pardon” and “please”.  I have taught him colours, vehicles, animals, etc etc…the things that start to form the foundations of lifelong knowledge and inquisitiveness, the things which make him polite and well rounded; the important things!

Daddy has taught him “willy”.

Yes daddy has also imparted wisdom more critical than this (throwing, kicking, climbing,etc) but “willy” was definately up there in the “Top 10 Things to Teach my Son”. His latest is that the moon is made of cheese. I actually think that’s quite cute, until I’m the one left with a sad toddler who will no longer eat cheese in case he eats the moon.

I teach fun stuff too. We play all day and he learns so much, in so many ways. Day dreaming mummy knew that children are sponges, I just wasn’t quite prepared for how much they take in…especially the bits you would rather they didn’t – swear censor now in use!


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