Winter Dressing

Winter Dressing

I’m one of those peope that almost looks forward to cold, crisp winter days.  I love the idea of hats and scarfs, warm coats, seeing your breath…but then the reality hits – shops have heating!  I find myself melting like an Australian snowman and getting so wound up that I end up leaving without half the things I went in for.  So, having little bear around, I thought I would have the perfect excuse to indulge in all the cute winter accessories without feeling like I will spontaneously combust.

Not so!

Last winter little bear was crawling around and that made him hard enough to wrestle, but at least he was small enough to contain between your legs for a while.  This year, little bear is considerably bigger and much more defiant.  “Do you want to wear your scarf?”, “No”…oh, errrm let me rephrase, “We’re putting your scarf on”.  And so follows the battle for hats, coat, boots, and mittens.  Mittens are a stroke of genius though, he can’t do anything with them on so the hat is safe from being chucked…for now!

And then, finally, we are ready to leave the house.  He looks amazing, ridiculously cute!  A little like Kevin from Home Alone according to my mother-in-law – someone reassure me this is a compliment??

Then we’re at the shops.  And of course, be hates shops!  But now he’s hot in a shop and that’s 100 times worse!!! His screams of “Let’s gooooo” can be heard throughout the town, and of course this is only making him hotter!! Stupid, cute winter clothes!!

So winter really is the wrong season for me.  The lure of soft scarves and leather gloves, bobble hats and stripy mittens…it just doesn’t work for either of us.  How long until Summer?

The Day Dreaming Mummy


One thought on “Winter Dressing

  1. You absolutely took the words out of my mouth. So not ready for winter attire and all the stresses that come with dressing appropriately for both indoor and outdoor–and its especially more difficult with a little one. Spring/Summer dreaming for sure. ❤

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