Remember to Play

Remember to Play

Before little bear arrived I dreamt we would have fun filled days playing with toys, making playdough, cooking, going to the park, to name just a few.  The first few months clearly involved not a lot of this and so I found myself doing more housework than ever and a lot more cooking from scratch as well, because we all know that newborns just dont really do much!

And the from 4 months onwards he wanted to play, to explore, to interact!  Full of fresh enthusiasm we exhausted my repertoire of activites on a daily basis, and had lots of fun doing so!

Then there was an independent stage where he didn’t really want me to join in.  Every time I tried he would move away to do something else…so part of me thought I should stop trying and enjoy the freedom a bit more.

In recent months little bear has becone more needy again.  I seem to have forgotten his need to interact and have me as a playmate.  For a few weeks I found myself getting increasingly annoyed that I couldn’t do the washing up or make dinner without a whining small person trying to drag me off somewhere.  I was getting frustrated that he wouldn’t do anything alone and therefore I couldn’t do anything alone.

But then I thought…and I remembered what I had dreamt of two years ago when he was still a tiny bundle in my tummy – lets just play.

So today we have had a tea party with doll and bear, although they were quite rude guests and didn’t actually eat a lot so we sent them home on the tiger who deposited them at various points around the lounge.  We have played with waterbeads – we scooped and poured, talked about colour and size, found broken ones, and best of all, picked up hundreds of the things when little bear tried to help before the lid was on properly. And this was all before 9 o’clock.

We then got ready to go out, went to a group, had lunch, and he’s now in bed having had a lovely morning without any of the usual moaning.

Who needs to do housework any way?! Just remember to play.

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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