It’s like he knew…

It’s like he knew…

I always knew that a lay in would be a thing of the past once little bear arrived, apart from those rare occasions we can ship him off to other places, but as I’ve mentioned before, he has a habit of waking up incredibly early.

Apart from today.

A usual morning involves him getting up at around 5am, having a few cuddles, a play and some stories in bed, and waiting for the alarm to go off at 7am signalling we can now get up and have breakfast.  I never intended to condition him like one of Pavlov’s dogs, it just happened!  I don’t want to risk turning the alarm off because, well, we live in hope that one day it will be needed for its true purpose again.

But today, my husband had to be up at 6am.  We set an alarm and our final words to each other before sleep were, “Not that we’ll still be asleep at 6!”…but we were, little bear didn’t wake up.

The 6 o’clock alarm didn’t wake him.

The snooze alarm 3 minutes later didn’t wake him.

In fact, he didn’t wake up until we turned a light on and started to move around.  If we hadn’t got up until 7, like every other day, I honestly believe (wish/dream) that he would have slept until then.  It’s like he knew we would still be up early despite what he did.  I’m telling you, children are clever.

See you at 5am tomorrow!!

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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