…and JUMP!!

…and JUMP!!

We have had a lovely family morning today, we stayed in our pyjamas and just played.  Daddy has gone to football for work now and won’t see either of us until the morning so we thought stuff the housework, let’s just have fun!

Little bear thought it was amazing having both of us to play with for a few hours, undisturbed by phones or chores.  He was so happy and even let daddy play cooking with him – he’s never allowed to do this!  We have pushed cars up and down the lounge, under tables, under sofas, into boxes, into toes…you name it, the cars have been there.

And then he got really excited and made himself dizzy…he was spinning round in circles so quickly that we were in fits of laughter watching him, which of course made him do it even more until we were all in a heap on the floor.

Then he wanted to jump…he can’t jump, but he thinks he can.  He’s at that clumsy, lumbering stage where it’s more of a hop/stumble/hop/stamp kind of thing.  Before each jump he would shout, “aaaand JUMP!!” which was quickly followed by “more”!  And so the cycle continued until 10.45am when we decided we really should get dressed before we ended up having lunch still in our pyjamas.

It was one of those perfect family mornings that you always imagine but rarely get…and daddy even managed to buy some new trainers in the Black Friday/Saturday/Until we run out of stock Sales whilst we were at it!

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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