Garden Centre + Christmas + Toddler =

Garden Centre + Christmas + Toddler =

Quite a lot of fun!

On a miserable afternoon at the end of November what else is there to do but visit a garden centre along with every other baby and pensioner in the local area and browse to your hearts content…ahem, sorry, I mean stop delicate displays from crashing mercilessly to the floor.

I always think a garden centre is a good option, and I’m usually wrong.  But today, little bear had an amazing time!  The Christmas display of penguins and seals at the entrance had him captivated and eager for more, and also gave us the chance to perfect our seal impressions.  He loved looking at all the decorations and was cooed over by many other browsers as he stopped to stroke the polar bears and wave at all the father “mismas” figures – he was in an exceptionally cute mood! The lights were another source of amazement, and better still, an illuminated polar bear – he got a few strokes and cuddles as well.  Whilst he was looking at the Christmas train set with my mum I did a little browsing and found a pretty cute cuddly elf that I was contemplating getting for him.  He saw it, cuddled it, then put it in the basket…oh I see, you’re making the decisions here now are you?!

And so the good natured shop continued.  We looked at books, found more lights around the shop, identified vegetables on the packets of seeds, and cuddled cushions on shelves…yes, cuddled cushions on shelves, and it wasn’t even a nice cushion.  This did attract several “aaaah bless him” and “how sweet” comments which is always lovely but for me, it just got better when he pointed to the next cushion along and said “nanny’s”.  My mum looked slightly hesitant but I jollied her along and soon there she was, on her hands and knees, laying on a cushion on a shelf in the middle of a garden centre…priceless entertainment!

We were even afforded the luxury of a drink a mince pie (first of the year) by little bear who sat like an angel quietly making his way through an apple.

Given that this happened on top of such a lovely family morning and was followed by an equally calm and loving evening, I have to say this has been an amazing day to be a mummy with every dream met and surpassed.

Happy Saturday everyone!

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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