Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!!!

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!!!


After what feels like a never ending wait, it’s finally December and we’re officially allowed to be festive!  I may have already wrapped presents, made cards, sent out cards, had a mince pie, etc etc…but this is where it really starts!

Little bear is so much more aware than I thought he would be.  He knows Father Christmas brings presents, he knows he has reindeer, and he knows all about the sleigh too!  He loves all the lights and decorations more than anything, and elf is his new favourite toy.

On Saturday we took him to see a local house that decorates every inch of their house.  They have a projector in the window that shows Father Christmas walking to the window and waving – he’s still talking about it! I think we’ll need another visit!  After that he wanted more lights so we drove round to see who else was feeling festive on the last Saturday of November…out of no where little bear suddenly came out with “cool lights!”, which is something neither of us have ever said and don’t know where it has come from.

We’ve also all had presents!  In November! Although it was the 30th so very very nearly December.  My dad is visiting at the moment and fitting our new kitchen so yesterday afternoon was our Christmas.  We had Christmas songs playing, we opened cards, opened presents, ate ourselves into oblivion, had a drink or two, and then slumped on the sofa ready for early bed…sounds like most Christmas days!

So here it is, December!!! Don’t forget to open your Advent Calenders!!

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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