This time 2 years ago…

This time 2 years ago…

It was three weeks before our 20 week scan and I was nervous, as I’m sure most people are.  We decided we wanted to know if bump was pink or blue but obviously the main priority was checking everything was ok.

I was secretly hoping for a boy, and although it’s something you probably shouldn’t admit, I think I would have been slightly disappointed if it wasn’t.  Of course I would have loved a girl had that been the way things went but it’s just not what I had pictured, and besides, I’m rubbish with hair!

I can remember the lead up to Christmas, lusting after all the champagne and mulled wine, and Christmas day itself when my biggest dilemma was when to allow myself one glass of something alcoholic.  I made this into such a debate with myself that I ended up not even having one!

Presents were bought for little bear by family members ready to be used in 5 months time, my tummy was prodded (all time worst thing to happen when pregnant), and again, I lusted over the beverages.

And then it was over.  My last Christmas without a little bear to chase after.  Last year he was crawling, this year he’s travelling to the other side of the world…who knows what next year will bring??

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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