Sleeping Bunnies and Other Animals

Sleeping Bunnies and Other Animals

One of little bear’s favourite songs of the moment is “Sleeping Bunnies”.  If you don’t know it then it involves laying on the floor for the first part of the song and then hopping around like a rabbit high on smarties for the second part.

It’s really sweet watching him lay down with the older children at playgroup, and it’s lovely when he gets his teddies to join in, and everyone else in the room as well!

When it isn’t so much fun is when I’m trying to shower and he wants me to join in.

We managed to get through a couple of renditions without too much trauma but then he wanted to explore other animals.  He drew inspiration from his bath toys and if unsure what to do he turned to me, and that is what led to me waddling around the shower like a penguin, singing at the top of voice the instruction to “waddle little penguin, waddle waddle waddle”…Dignity?  Self-respect?  Gone!!

How life changes once you have a walking, talking, demanding toddler!!  Take me back to the days when a morning shower could take as long as I wanted, safe in the knowledge that he couldn’t get into any mischief or demand too much attention!

Although, I do think I made quite a good penguin!

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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