9 More Days Until Holiday…

9 More Days Until Holiday…

…and I really need to become reacquainted with the suitcases.  Last week saw us get off to a good start but since then we’ve slacked off a bit.  I seem to now just be generating an ever increasing pile of “stuff” in the corner of our bedroom and the thought of sorting it into “suitcase or hand luggage” piles is almost too much to bear!

Little Bear is becoming a little frustrated with this pile too as much of it is for him, new books, stickers, magazines, games, etc…but he isn’t allowed it.  So really, my inability to face the pile is now causing more stress because I’m having to tell him “no” and risk a meltdown every time he goes near it.

"Please let me play with it all NOW!"

He is also partly the reason why I haven’t packed anymore.  At the end of the summer I bought him stacks of new t-shirts in 18-24 months thinking that, at 19 months he’ll need them.  We got them out the other day and some are ridiculously big!  So before I can pack for him, I have to sort through mountains (ok, a small hill…a mound perhaps) of t-shirts to find the largest 12-18 month ones and the smallest of the 18-24 month ones.  I just can’t bring myself to do this, and I know it won’t take long, but it will be long enough!!

I’ve made lists, cross referenced lists, counted money, checked seats, checked flight times, chosen my travelling outfit…hmmm, time to stop procrastinating and time to get on with it!  Maybe I should just check the weather forecast one more time first…

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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