Volume Control

Volume Control

Little bear seems to lack this abiility, which I know is perfectly normal but my god, it’s annoying!

He has started using lots of two, and a few three, word sentences such as “get it”, “all gone”, and “it’s in there” which is incredible and very cute, but when he wants something RIGHT NOW it has to said in a volume so loud that the entire county knows about it.

Favourite words to holler at me are “READY” and “OUT”.  “Ready” comes out at every meal/snack time, because obviously a toddler can go from fine to starving hungry in just a few seconds.  I try to keep my calm and quickly whip up a bowl of rice krispies or a sandwich, or whatever is deemed appropriate, during which time he is either hanging off me or elevating his highchair to the highest setting which actually just delays the whole food process.

“Out” is usually reserved for the buggy although it can be used when we’re about to leave the house too if I’m taking too long to get ready…he has a point with that one!  As soon as home is in sight I wait for the cry, the door opens and there it is…”OUT! OUT! OUUUUUUTTT!!!!”, “Sorry darling, did you mean out please mummy? Thouggt so, let’s try that next time”, surely this patience has to pay off soon?!

But when we are out and about, the most common thing I hear is, “oh isn’t he quiet, how lovely”…hmmm, you try making him lunch, see how quiet he is then!

Anyway, I need to get ready for sugarfest now.  This afternoon we’re decorating a gingerbread Christmas tree…in my head this will be a beautiful experience with each of us taking turns, smiling and giggling, and me letting him have a cheeky chocolate button for being so good.  Reality is likely to be very different!

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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