The Saga of Mr Duplo Man

The Saga of Mr Duplo Man

In my head, when little bear started enjoying imaginative play he was talking clearly and we would be able to act out little scenes together.  This is NOT the case…

Yesterday morning we were happily playing with his Duplo, putting the people into cars, building towers, destroying towers – the usual thing.  Then little bear asked me to build a house so I obliged and made a pretty impressive structure.  Once complete he passed me a man, so I put him in the house…obviously this is what he was indicating, or perhaps not…my actions were met with a firm “no”.  So I put the man on the roof (a previously favoured position), but again my attempts were dismissed.  I tried asking but didn’t get anywhere with that, all language skills having seemingly evaporated.

I tried putting the man in a car, on a bike, in a digger, I even tried giving him the man.  Each time the “no” became more angry until it resulted in him throwing himself on the floor in despair.

After a while he composed himself, picked up the man and wandered off to the bathroom.

I followed at a safe distance, not wanting to interfere but intrigued.  He strode into the bathroom, sat the man in the potty and said “wee wee”…then looked at me as if I should have known that all along!  Silly mummy!

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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