Christmas Arrived…Reality Hit

Christmas Arrived…Reality Hit

Christmas came early for us this weekend with both days being branded “Christmas Day” as we spent time with our families before going away.

On Saturday we had full Christmas dinner with my mum and step dad which was lovely and certainly made us all feel very festive. Then on Sunday we went to my in-laws and had a big family lunch.

Each day we opened so many more presents than we expected to, it has made us all feel very loved and spoilt.  Little bear got some lovely new things – books, puzzles, toys, pyjamas, you name it, the boy got it!  We mainly got Australian dollars but had a few nice surprises thrown in too.

By the time we came home last night we had accumulated more bags of stuff than we had left with…just as I thought my house was returning to normal I suddenly have all these new things to find homes for amongst the sink and the suitcases.

And now it’s becoming real.  Fake Christmasses are over.  The bags are packed (kind of). And in 3 days time we’ll be boarding our flight to Australia!!!

In my head, I’ve been hugely down-playing the length of the flight.  Day-dreaming mummy has been convinced it won’t be that bad, that little bear will be happy with the same books and snacks on repeat for 24 hours…reality is now hitting.  Looking at the mountain of toys/books/stickers/crayons etc I’m left feeling baffled as to how the hell it will all keep him happy!

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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