Little Bear’s Australian Adventure…part one

Little Bear’s Australian Adventure…part one


The one word that can empty an Australian sea quicker than you can blink.

The one word the Little Bear loved to shout!

On our first day, in 44 degree sunshine, we hit the beach.  He loved splashing in the sea and digging in the sand but then he got tired, and then the flies started to land on him, and then…his world ended!  He had the ultimate breakdown until he basically cried himself to sleep.  When he woke up he was ready to go again.

When we were in the sea we spotted a couple of dolphins further out.  Little Bear spotted them too and kept pointing to where they had been saying “dol-phinsss”.  But when later asked what he had seen at the beach his immediate response was “sharrrk”!!  When we talked about going to the beach…“sharrrk!”, when we were at the beach…“sharrrk!”

And that was it.

For the next three weeks it was his standard response whenever we asked him about the beach. And the more he said it, the more we laughed, and the more we laughed…the louder he said it, and the longer it became until by the time we left it took a full breath to shout the single syllable word!!

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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