The Latest Fascination

The Latest Fascination

Little Bear has been aware of his willy for a while now but recently the fascination has been taken to a whole new level.

At nappy changes he can’t wait to get his hands on it and whilst I know this is normal exploration and very common at his age, it is a little odd to deal with.  Such is the obession that he will now happily lay down for me…I suppose I can’t complain about that!

In the bath he pushes it to the bottom and presses it against the side, then laughs, “willy”!!!!! And of course, daddy roars with laughter and encourages him further.

Yesterday however, his fascination grew and he began to talk about daddy’s willy…so far, fine, talk about willys together if you must…boys will be boys!  But then he looked at me, and shaking his head said “mummy willy, no” and looked confused, so daddy helpfully chimed in with, “No, mummy has lady bits”.  And that was that, “lady bits, lady bits, lady bits, lady bits!!!”, was hollered for the rest of bath time! Delightful!

Now, he could have said something worse, or something too cringe worthy to repeat, so I feel he did quite a good job, it’s just that in my head…I wouldn’t be needing to call them anything yet!! Surely my gorgeous little 20month old angel (!!!) does not need to know about lady bits?!?!?!

Anyway…the tables of embarrassment were soon turned this morning!  As daddy strode into the lounge, naked, Little Bear ran and full pace towards him saying “touch willy!!!”…oops, best remember those pants in future!

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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