Little Bear’s Australian Adventures…part 2

Little Bear’s Australian Adventures…part 2

After a lovely morning playing and catching up with friends, Little Bear has gone to sleep and I’m left thinking about our amazing trip.  It’s hard to believe that this time last week we were just getting on the plane to come home and now we’re back into the swing of normal life.  So whilst I’m thinking back I thought it would be a good time to share more of our adventures…

Flies and bugs were a big part of our holiday for Little Bear.  Every morning he would spot woodlouse crawling along the floor and ask to put thrm outside, he liked watching ants march in a line, he loved spotting butterflies fluttering in the garden, and he even liked looking for spiders…he did not like flies.

Day one, at the beach, flies became the enemy.  Jet-lagged, hot, and hungry my sweaty little toddler became target number one for the flies of Sellicks Beach and he just did not know how to handle them.  He swatted them, he shouted, and screamed, cried, threw the ultimate tantrum…and then fell asleep.

When he woke up we managed to avoid them for a while by having a splash in sea (looking for sharks!), but thrn we had to go home and had to get him changed.  The flies were fairly relentless with us but as soon as he was near them, they swarmed him again and the tears came flooding back.  Once in the safety of the car he managed to splutter “Like flies” whilst furiously shaking his head.  One managed to sneak in with us and he was eyed with suspicion the whole way home.

They weren’t too much of a problem after that for a while, but he remembered the incident and was quick to spot any in the vicinity.  Then, on New Years Day, we went out on the river.  Whilst having his lunch a few flies decided to try their luck, maybe they had heard how terrified he had been and fancied their chances at getting a cheese sandwich, but this time Little Bear was bolder.  He swatted at the flies and firmly told them to “Get off” and “Go away”.  Once on the water there were still a few around and he attacked them with the same gusto…”Naughty flies, go away! Get off!”

It’s now nearly two weeks since that day and we’re still reminded of it every so often.  Whilst happily playing he will just stop, look at you, and say “flies” whilst shaking his head, and then swat them away with firm admonishments.

Flies…you may be small, but you certainly made an impact!

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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