So it seems Little Bear is destined to be like the majority of the male population…he’s developing a very keen interest in football (or soccer depending on where in the world you are).

When we were in Australia he was given a football and he amazed us all with how hard he could kick it.  And he generally did so with quite a bit of accuracy…the bush being the favourite target resulting in cries of “In the booooooosh!!!”, as he summoned someone to retrieve it for him!  Needless to say it was rarely mummy who retrieved and on our last day I think I left it in the “booooosh”, I wonder if it’s out yet?!

On Boxing Day we took him to his first match.  I wasn’t expecting a great attention span and was planning on having to spend a lot of time walking around outside with him, but, as usual, he surprised me and sat perfectly throughout the game.  He was watching, asking questions, and cheering.  He learnt about red cards – “man get off, say sorry”, he learnt who the goalkeeper was, and all about throw ins and corners!!

Yesterday he sat with grandad and watched a good chunk of football on the television.  Again, he looked really focused and talked about what he could see.

He loves kicking a ball! He puts his foot on top of the ball and says “wobble wobble”!  He runs round the house shouting “Gooooooaaaaaaal!!!!!!”

We had planned on sending him to Rugby Tots once he turned 2 but there isn’t one in the area anymore.  I think it’s a sign,  it’s left us with no option other than football.

In my head I had another few years before he began to show a real interest, but it turns out that, in this case, boys will be boys at the earliest opportunity…Little Kickers, sign us up!

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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