Wintery Walk

Wintery Walk

So this afternoon we set out, wrapped up in hats, gloves, and scarves for a lovely wintery walk and play in the sunshine.  What could be better than walking in the winter sunshine with your wonderful toddler, talking about all the things you can see?  Probably not a lot, but this wasn’t exactly how my experience panned out.

To start with, I could only find one glove so ditched the idea, preferring cold hands to looking a bit odd…big mistake!  We did then have quite a nice walk, apart from the low winter sun being a “bit bright” for Little Bear who then wanted his sunglasses which I didn’t have.  Then we got to the park and we had to play football, this was actually quite fun and we kept quite warm chasing the ball.  When we went into the playground Little Bear discarded his hat and gloves in favour of frostbite.  After losing his wellies in the tunnel and getting covered in mud on the slide we went back to football.

By now I was quite cold and the sun was starting to set.  Little Bear didn’t seem to notice though.  He carried on running around until he tripped over his own foot and landed face first on the floor…this resulted in a few tears and a lot of mud up the nose!

I took this as our cue to leave.

Back home, the hallway I had swept at lunch was once again covered in mud and our fingers were brittle enough to snap!

It wasn’t quite the relaxing, wintery walk I had imagined…it was much more fun!!

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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