The Childcare Conundrum

The Childcare Conundrum

Before having Little Bear I was keen to go back to work after 6 months, preferably 3 days a week but I wasn’t ruling out full time.  But then he arrived.  That changed everything!!

I work/ed in childcare and I think that may have been part of the problem.  I have seen first hand how brilliant the staff and activities are, but I’ve also seen the other side – potentially high staff turnover, staffing inconsistencies, the time spent on paperwork…is that really want I want for him?  Turns out it wasn’t, and I didn’t return to work.

Now his second birthday is looming (well, in May) and I’m starting to readdress the issue.  I don’t doubt that we have a great time together, mostly, I just think he is getting to the point where he needs something to help his confidence and independence blossom…and let’s not pretend this isn’t a little bit about time for me too!

I’m still not convinced nursery is the way to go for us, I don’t need the hours it offers and I don’t need a setting that will see him from birth to school – we’re already halfway through that journey (*sniff* pass me a tissue).  A nanny isn’t an option, and a childminder doesn’t appeal either.  However, I think a playgroup may be the answer for us.

Reduced hours and fees compared to a nursery but still Ofsted registered, still following EYFS, still time away from me…sounds perfect!  I’ve booked to view a couple next week, fingers crossed I will like one of them and can book him in before I change my mind.  Where did my baby go?!

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2 thoughts on “The Childcare Conundrum

  1. When we lived in London, there was a new ‘nursery’ set up-but was more of a playgroup situation and it appealed to us so much, but it just wasn’t really ready for a baby. We always said that once she was a little older, she’d move there, but we moved home and it’s a different set up again but all the kids mix together, young and older and they all love it. There’s nearly too much choice out there!
    You know your child best, so you’ll know what suits him:)

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