Little Bear’s Australian Adventures…part 3

Little Bear’s Australian Adventures…part 3

This morning we went to visit 2 playgroups, and at the second one Little Bear found his voice and started telling the lady about kangaroos and koalas…and sharrrrrrks!!!!  Wildlife was a big part of Australia for him and is something he talks about quite a lot.

On our second day we fed wallabies and kangaroos.  The best way is to put the food in the palm of your hand and hold it out.  Clearly Little Bear was not going for this option…he opted for single seeds at a time.  How he didn’t lose a finger is beyond me.  On the same day we also stroked and held a koala.  He waited patiently in the queue and when it was our turn he was so gentle.  It was amazing!  Before going he had been so excited about seeing these two animals and it clearly lived up to his expectations, it was a perfect moment each time he smiled and talked about what he was doing.

We also had a mummy and baby koala in the tree outside the house, and every morning he would look for them.  We showed him lots of spiders, which he loved, a Christmas beetle, and lizards. He saw parrots, dolphins, fish, and crabs.  For him it was heaven!

But perhaps topping all of those…what could it be?! The cats!! And did the cats like him? Absolutely not!!

Every morning he would check to see if they had had breakfast, and if they were in the middle of it then they soon scarpered when they heard him.  He searched the garden for them, then sat watching them as they say watching him.  And now we’re home he still asks about them.  The other day he wanted to buy them food in the shop and yesterday he asked a cat if they had had breakfast yet…this cat also ran away, Little Bear obviously gives off a bad vibe to cats.

My own stand out experience with the wildlife was slightly less joyful than any of his.  One night, he woke up and so I went to resettle him.  It was windy and the curtains kept blowing and something metal was being blown about outside.  Add to that a couple of cats and possum having a midnight party and it was a cacophony of unfamiliar sounds!  When the wind blew something off the window sill that was enough for me, I scooped up Little Bear and carried him back to my bed. 

Then all went quiet.

Then a noise through the monitor.  A low, raspy, breathing.  I don’t know what I thought it was but I knew I did not want to look at the monitor screen…my irrational middle of the night brain expected a face to be staring back at me.  So I turned it off and then slept fitfully for the rest of the night.

Come morning I was back in sensible mode and knew it was just the possum and the cats but even now, over a month later, it still gives me goosebumps thinking about that noise!  Such a brave mummy!

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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