Rain, Rain, and More Rain…

Rain, Rain, and More Rain…

That’s how the forecast looks from now until 10pm tomorrow night.  And not just a bit of drizzle but complete downpour coupled with wind so strong it stopped me in my tracks with the buggy earlier.

I don’t mind staying in and snuggling down for the afternoon but Little Bear most definately will!  I’m hoping he has a long nap which will reduce the length of our afternoon…I anticipate reading a lot of books and doing a lot of colouring in the next few hours which, so long as he is happy, should be okay.  But these afternoons do tend to drag as he will invariably want to go out, and that just won’t be possible.

Ideally this would be an afternoon for crafts, painting and sticking, but Little Bear broke it to me last week that he doesn’t like glue so that’s now off the cards.  Watch a film?  So long as it’s only 10 minutes long.  Snuggle under a blanket?  You must be kidding!!

Oh well, I’m sure those dreamt of days will be here soon.  Meanwhile, I’ll get ready to read “Freddie and the Fairy” on a loop for the next 3 hours…

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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