Swimming…Love it or Loath it?!

Swimming…Love it or Loath it?!

Little Bear is definately a lover…no, a loather…no, a lover…oh I don’t know and neither does he!

From the minute I told him that yeasterday was a swimming day he’s been excitedly talking about what he’s going to do – splash, kick, tiger arms, monkey monkey, etc.  I was feeling pretty positive, we haven’t been this excited for a while, and certainly not since Australia, maybe this would be a good week!

We got to the pool and the excitement continued.  He chatted away about the babies in the pool, wanted to get in, pretended to kick.  And then the babies got out, and we could get in.  All was going well, he sat on the side and kicked his legs with a big smile on his face.  Then I encouraged him into the pool and he crumpled.  I got him in the pool and he held on to the bar with the strength of a body builder…he did not want to move from that spot.  Sone reassurance from me and some forceful hand removal and we were off…what happened to the pre-lesson excitement?!

During the warm up he actually dared to smile and even participated a little, but every time we stopped he would cling to me like a limpet and get upset.  I generally don’t stand for this and just encourage/use gentle force to get him involved.  He hated the woggle…he loved the woggle; he loved the sinker…he hated the sinker; he loved the mat…he loved the mat, ooooh, the mat! We have a winner….oh no, run across it?! We hate the mat! 

And so the lesson continues in a cycle of love and loath.  It’s exhausting!!  But the “love” part seems to just tip the scales so we continue the weekly visit in the hope that one day he will love the whole experience.

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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