A Surge in Confidence for Little Bear

A Surge in Confidence for Little Bear

Today we started off by nearly doing nothing.  Little Bear had temporarily misplaced his listening ears and was threatened with no trip to the library if he didn’t come and put his shoes on…at the fifth time of asking.  I was silently pleading with him because as much as I didn’t want it to be an empty threat, I also didn’t relish the prospect of staying indoors with a grumpy toddler.  Luckily he obliged and we were soon on our way.

At Rhyme Time he actually joined in for once, rather than just singing the songs on his own during the afternoon.  He did some of the actions, he stood up, he shook his instrument – it was a breakthrough moment and I was so proud of my usually shy Little Bear.

We then went for a drink with friends, only my drink never arrived (I’m always that person in a group!).  I had to go downstairs to the counter and asked Little Bear if he would stay with everyone else.  I expected either an instant “no” or to return to a tear stained face so imagine my shock when he stayed and didn’t even appear to have missed me…maybe the snacks helped with this?!?!

And to top off his superstar status today, he fell asleep in the buggy this afternoon allowing me to shop in peace…new clothes for mummy!!

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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