Little Bear’s Most Hated Items

Little Bear’s Most Hated Items

Little Bear is poorly again at the moment and our house resembles a pharmacy – calpol, nurofen, tissues, amoxycillin, inhaler!  The poor boy has got a stubborn temperature, a throat infection, and a wheezy chest.  He always gets wheezy when he isn’t well.

He has never enjoyed having medicine, unlike a lot of children I know, and it’s generally a two person job to get it in.  I feel like a straight-jacket would help the situation but maybe this would be frowned upon?  Anyway, we now have a new item to add to his “hated items” list.  Here’s the list as it stands:

1. Toothbrush – it’s a neck breaker situation
2. Calpol Bottle – “no medicine!!!!”
3. The syringe – “no, no, no!!!”

It’s quite a short list, and I suppose we should be grateful for that…it’s just a shame that he currently needs all of these at least twice a day.  But, the new addition, the one to top them all…the inhaler/spacer combination.

It’s like wrestling a super strong, super slippery, super screaming, eel.

The doctor said that the more he screams, the quicker he will take it in…well in that case he has probably set a new record for ventolin inhalation!  But it does help, so we will continue with the torture…well, it helps until he decides he doesn’t feel poorly right now and races around as if nothing is wrong, and then we’re back at square one.

Seeing him unwell, especially during the night, is one of the most horrible things.  You just want to take it all away and make him better in a heartbeat.  I had dreamt that the medicine would be instant, and that he would be excited by his inhaler…how wrong was I?! 

Lunch time medicine is a solo mission – wish me luck!

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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