Daddy Games

Daddy Games

Sunday morning Little Bear was a complete daddy’s boy which was lovely for everyone…even if it did mean me doing the washing up, cleaning, and laundry without help!

Little Bear and daddy decided to play football with a beach ball – the only ball light enough to still be allowed inside!  Daddy was getting Little Bear to kick the ball to him, and then stand still until daddy kicked it back.  He actually caught onto this idea quite quickly and they were soon passing the ball back and forth, sometimes with questionable accuracy on both parts!!

Then it got harder.  Daddy tried to teach “turn and shoot”…this was brilliant to watch, Little Bear spins round in a circle 2 or 3 times then yells “Shoooooooot!!!!” as he kicks the ball.  He tried to teach “little kicks”, but these aren’t as much fun as big kicks so Little Bear soon reverted to those.

Then daddy kicked the ball right into Little Bear’s face…whoops!!  Little Bear looked confused, “Ball hit eye!”  Daddy, thinking on his feet, decided to whisk him over to his drink and called it the “Eye Wash Station”.  He dipped his fingers into the water and dabbed round Little Bear’s eye…he thought it was great fun and was soon off kicking again!  But then came the shout…

“Eye wash station!!!!!”

Little Bear decided he needed to visit the treatment room again, only this time he self-administered….toddler hands + cup of water??? Flood!!!  And very clean eyes!!!  Well done daddy…I’ll be thinking of you so fondly when he decides to do this everyday for the next week whilst you’re at work…pass the mop!

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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