When will Little Bear forget?!

When will Little Bear forget?!

Yesterday morning we went to a playgroup that we have only visited once before.  I’ve been reluctant to return because a) the hall is freezing, and b) pretty much all Little Bear does is sit in a toy car and push himself round which gets a tad repetitive for me!!  But for his sake we went along and as soon as he saw where we were….”Drive car?”

Head in hands I walked in, found a comfy place to perch, and amused myself watching everyone else get stuck in whilst Little Bear drove round and round.  He did momentarily get out to play with cars and puzzles but a good hour was spent just in the car.  Once we had tidied up we sat on the carpet, he turned and said, “biscuit now?”  How does he remember that that is what happens when it has only ever happened once before in his life over a month ago??

He also remembers that we had to be “gentle” when stroking the koalas…which we did on our second day in Australia and haven’t even mentioned since we got home.  He remembers being carried on shoulders when we had our barbecue, he remembers the order of things we have only ever done once, he remembers songs that have been sung once and never repeated, and his memory for specific events stretches back a couple of months. 

And yet, at some point, he will forget most of this.  Not the songs or the routines perhaps, but the memory of events that he now recalls so clearly, he will forget.  Things that are so important to him now will be lost.

It’s sad that he won’t always remember his first time seeing a koala, that he won’t remember how quickly he learnt a routine at groups…but there are always new memories to be made and as his mummy I promise to fill Little Bear’s life full of wonderful, memorable moments, ones that will last more than a month or two, ones that he can carry with him for a lifetime.

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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