Television: Friend or Foe?

Television: Friend or Foe?

Before we went away I wrote about the guilt I felt at using technology to entertain Little Bear, but found peace with it as I was using educational games and it was to help us get through 24 hours on a plane…not that we used it.  At the same time I was introducing him to a few television programmes, again to serve the same purpose.  But the problem with television is that it is always there and it is so easy to turn it into a habit.

I used to turn it on after breakfast so Little Bear could watch Thomas and Friends, and then turn it off after Noddy.  That soon crept up to after Ben and Holly…then I would watch the news for a bit and before you know it the television has been on for an hour with no one really paying it any attention.  Part of my reasons for getting into this habit was the thinking that, if he has something else to engage him then I can just get the washing up done/put a load of washing on/get ready without him hanging off my leg and demanding 100% of my attention.

Did it work?

No!  If anything it made things harder, Little Bear wanted me even more than before!  I was finding mornings were becoming harder, his listening wasn’t as it had been…but I put this down to age and feeling run down.  Surely just having the television on for such a short time couldn’t be affecting him.

Then Sunday night came and I was laying in bed thinking about the morning.  I was thinking about Little Bear and what we would do, and if he would listen.  Then, from the darkest recesses of my brain I recalled some research relating to televsion exposure and how it affects concentration and attention spans…I can’t be more specific but I know it exists somewhere!    This was part of the reason I had been avoiding television but somehow in the chaos of daily life the knowledge had slipped away.

Monday morning the television didn’t go on.  Nor on Tuesday.  And not today.  And the result?  Instantly Little Bear has been more independent, happier, listening better…everything I wanted.

I’m not about to claim he will NEVER watch television again but the morning binge is over.  My dreams before having him were no television before he was two…that’s out the window but the tide has turned and no longer will it be a regular event!

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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