Mud, Mud…Glorious Mud??

Mud, Mud…Glorious Mud??

Yesterday we took a trip with my mum to visit some animals and have a ride on Little Bear’s scuttlebug.  Sensibly I put him in his wellies, knowing that he is attracted to mud like bees are drawn to flowers…I didn’t unfortunately use the same logic on myself but that’s ok, I’m an adult, I can cope with some mud!

We went to look at the animals which Little Bear loved, especially when he realised they had balls to play with.  He has been fascinated by goats and chickens since we went to Devon last June, and today was no exception…in fact it went to a new level today, we were asked to “buy a goat” and “buy a chicken”, just looking will no longer suffice!  He found a puddle to splash in which, given the wellies, wasn’t a problem.  However, the uneven ground was and it wasn’t long before one leg was covered in mud after a particularly enthusiastic jump, but he didn’t mind and we carried on.

In the gift shop I wanted to top up his animal collection and nanny bought him a football…oh nanny, did you think this through?!  We now had a very muddy park, a toddler, and a ball.  Needless to say, the scuttlebug was ignored and Little Bear set off with his ball.  He kicked it and chased it down hills, had it kicked back by boys and grown men, a dog thought about taking it it but moved on…it was actually turning out quite well, maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea.

But then there was mud, mud that a Bear Hunt would be proud of, mud so thick and oozy that no one was going near it.  Except Little Bear!

Suddenly it became an impossible task to keep the ball on the path and he was squelching his way across the grass…sometimes with nanny in tow which really should have been caught on camera as her footwear was about as appropriate as mine!  And then, with not too far left to go, the inevitable happened…SPLAT!!!  Little Bear slipped and was covered, top to bottom in mud!

To his credit he was only concerned momentarily and then carried on kicking the ball back to the car through the muddiest patches he could find.  Before he was allowed in the car the coat had to come off, the wellies had to come off, and even his jeans had to come off! I have never seen so much mud!

Thick, oozy mud!!

Nanny did proclaim that the football may not have been her best idea…I whole heartedly agree, but then again, what harm can a little mud do?!  Next time I will just be better prepared!

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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