Such a Big Imagination!

Such a Big Imagination!

Over the last few weeks Little Bear has really started to show us his imagination, and it’s incredible!

One weekend he told daddy to lay on the floor, lifted his legs so his knees were bent, then surrounded him with cushions. Little Bear then positioned himself at daddy’s feet and climbed “up the steps” before throwing himself off the other side and collapsing on the cushions shouting “one big splash!!!!”…clearly our lounge had become a swimming pool!

The other day he moved the footrest so he could climb behind it into a small enclosed space, “driving boat” he told me! And he pretended to steer over the waves.

In bed this morning he was pushing cars over my legs and up the mountains (my knees), and then they fell “splash, in the river” when he put them into the gap between daddy and myself.

And then also this morning he held a little tea party.  He put out his cups and saucers, correctly colour sorting, then found four teddies to sit with them.  Be talked to each in turn, offering them milk and pouring out tea.  He entertained himself for ages, it was so cute to watch.

I know every parent likes to show off what their child can do, and I am no different…but, I really can’t believe how much he is capable of doing and he’s not two until May.  As well as the imagination he is speaking really well, recognising a few letters, counting to 10, he knows his colours and a few shapes, he wants to get himself dressed, and much much more…whatever happened to my baby??

Before having Little Bear I was completely terrified of the baby stage, itching for it to be over and to enter the 2+ years, but the reality is that it goes so quickly that you don’t have time to be terrified, you just do it and enjoy it…and then it’s gone…and now 2 is nearly here with all the new challenges and adventures it will bring!

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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