Putting on Pyjamas

Putting on Pyjamas

I put Little Bear to bed after lunch as usual today, read him a story, and told him to go to sleep.  He’s been a bit of a pickle this week with naps, he has been getting up a couple of times before settling, so I expected the same today.  But today he didn’t reappear…

But he also didn’t go to sleep!!

I could hear him talking to himself, and shuffling around with his toys.  And then he was squealing and shrieking with excitement. And then it went quiet…phew, he’s worn himself out and is asleep, or perhaps not!

Walking tentatively into his room I was expecting to be greeted by a sleeping beauty…not a little monkey surrounded by books and trying to put on his pyjamas!!

He was perched on his pillow, with one arm in his pyjama top and trying to put it over his head!  He looked at me with the cheekiest grin and said “put ‘jamas on all by self”…too cute!

So I sorted him out, lay him back down, and left him to sleep.  This little boy is just too keen to be independent sometimes!

The Day Dreaming Mummy


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