Family Guilt and a Farm Trip

Family Guilt and a Farm Trip

On Sunday evening grandad arrived for a visit, Little Bear doesn’t see him that much but we are now at the stage where he recognises him and will happily go to him as soon as he arrives…it used to be a slow process with him only really being comfortable in the last few hours before grandad left again so I’m happy with this progress.

Yesterday we took Little Bear to see my nan, who he hasn’t seen for probably the best part of a year which is terrible.  He was, predictably, shy when we arrived but soon warmed up after a snack and was chatting and playing happily.

I felt so guilty that we hadn’t visited for so long.  We had a good journey there and back so it didn’t take as long as I remembered, but I guess that’s because  we’ve never done the journey that quick before!  The good journey has made me determined to do it more, the excuse of “time just goes so quick” is pretty rubbish really.  It was nice to see my nan, and today Little Bear keeps talking about how we went to her house and what we did there.

I want him to build relationships with my family the same way he is with my husband’s.  It’s easier with them, they’re all local…and there’s less of them too.  But who knows?  Like every good resolution how long will it last?  Once I’ve forgotten the immediate guilt and a few months of busy weekends have slipped by, we’ll have the same conversation again…I hope not, I hope this is something we can stick to, make time for…watch this space!

Aside from the drowning in guilt, we also went to Godstone Farm yesterday which Little Bear loved.  It is so much better than any farm near us!  There were so many animals, a dinosaur trail, play areas…it was great, we even got to hold a gorgeous little rabbit which Little Bear stroked so gently.

There were lots of lambs to look at, goats, llamas, alpacas, pigs…you name it, they had it.  Even if Little Bear claimed he just wanted to see some geese!!

We had lunch before leaving the farm.  I made up a children’s lunchbox in the cafe which was no small feat.  The sandwiches were fine, and there was a choice of water or juice (water for us), but then you had to choice 3 other items.  A syrupy, sugary fruit pot? No…A packet of high salt crisps? No…A super chocately biscuit? No…we opted for a satsuma, raisins (for me because Little Bear won’t eat them), and a jelly pouch.  There was a variety of things to choose from but not all of them that healthy, and surely they are in a good position to educate about healthy choices and where food comes from?

Anyway, I’m not really moaning, I filled a box and I’m sure most people are happy with the choices offered.  Little Bear ate his sandwich and some satsuma, then wanted the jelly.  He has never had food from a pouch before and looked horrified when I showed him what to do!  He simply wouldn’t put it in his mouth! So mummy got a spoon and painstakingly squeezed the jelly out…not easy when it wants to come out in one long worm!

Fed, watered, and exhausted from walking round we put him back in the car and headed home…and we already want to go back!!

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