Sleep Adjustment and Exploring Tents

Sleep Adjustment and Exploring Tents

Just over a week ago we made the decision to limit Little Bear to an hour sleep at nap time.  He had started stretching to nearly 2 hours and the result was an even earlier wake up call in the morning.

The first few days he was waking up groggy but after that he began stirring at around the hour mark, so his body was obviously starting to adjust.  And almost instantly he began waking up later in the mornings…at least until another cold hit and a coughing fit woke him up at 5.30 this morning.

By the end of last week he was starting to get a bit grouchy mid afternoon, like the reduced nap on so many consecutive days was finally hitting him.  It was horrible to see him feeling sleep deprived but it’s helping in the long run, he slept til nearly 7am yesterday and is falling asleep quicker at night.

I am also having to adjust to the reduced sleep time during the day.  I have to be aware of the time he falls asleep and then constantly clock watch for the next hour! When we’re at home I now feel like I have to rush to get jobs done because I know my time is limited, and in this great rush I end up doing nothing because I spend half the time prioristising in my head!!

But we’re getting there! And an hour of peace is better than nothing!!

Yesterday, he wanted home to be dark, at about 4 o’clock…just a bit early! Daddy suggested making tents instead and that pleased Little Bear so much that I thought he would burst with excitement.  After rearranging the furniture and bringing a selection of blankets into the lounge, Little Bear set about making it comfy with all the essentials – cushions, torch, water, and cars (the essentials).  He played in and out of it so happily until dinner, it was lovely to watch.  My only problem is that I am probably going to be asked to recreate the tent, and without supervision, it may go horribly wrong!

After dinner we continued with the tent theme and daddy hid under the bed throw.  Little Bear joined him and then so did I.  Where daddy was holding the throw up you could see tiny pinpricks of light, Little Bear reached up and touched the stars…then asked, “Where’s the moon?”, so I came out and shone the torch through.

Little Bear reached up again, and I heard him whisper, “Daddy, I touched the moon.” ♡♡

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